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Upload & Manage

Store and organize any assets: RAW photos, vector illustrations, audio, video — Macula works with all file formats equally well. With a convenient interface and a thoughtful selection of features, you will feel right at home.

Edit & Optimize

Always be ready with Macula's image editing and optimization engine. Generate endless versions of an image for any occasion. Need more flexibility? Macula got you covered with efficient on-the-fly image processing!

Share & Grow

Use your assets anywhere: embed them into a web page, make a fancy email signature, or build a creative portfolio. Grow faster with UniLinks: SEO-optimized pages with your contact information. Have clarity with analytics: know who accesses your files and where.

Set License & Safeguard Attribution

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your images and their edited copies have proper copyright metadata. Just pick a license when sharing, and Macula will do the rest! Get an SEO boost and a Google Licensable Badge.


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